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I eat less but I still put on weight. Is it possible?

It is not possible unless you suffer from some medical conditions such as hypothyroidism or you are on medicines such as steroids.

The food we eat gives us energy in calories, and energy used to do any work is counted in calories. Once you understand this, consider the following to be true in almost all conditions:

  1. Calories consumed = Calories used = No weight gain
  2. Calories consumed > Calories used = Weight gain
  3. Calories consumed < Calories used = Weight loss

You might feel you are eating less, but if you consume high calorie food, then you are likely gain weight. Most times, snacking in between food itself gives enough calories for the day.

There are different Methods of weight loss treatment.


It works on simple principle that you consume less calories but spend more. Some people get confused hear saying they eat less but still put on weight. Rather than the amount of food it’s the calories that counts ultimately. There are different well published diet plans like

a) 5:2 diet
b) Atkins diet
c) Dukan diet
d) Paleolithic diet

You can also read detailed article on weight reduction

2. Medicine (ORLISTAT)

Anti-obesity medication should only be considered after diet, behavioural changes and exercise have been tried and evaluated. If the patient’s weight has reached a plateau despite these measures, or if targets have not been achieved, pharmacological treatment may be considered.

3. Surgery

There are clear indications and benefits of surgery when the appropriate procedure is performed. Weight loss surgery helps one lose weight, but one has to be prepared for it and know what to expect and what to do afterwards. One needs to prepared and highly motivated to have surgery with clear understanding of the risks and benefits.

The surgery is an invaluable first step in the quest for weight loss. This also means one is committing all his/her life for healthy lifestyle.

Bariatric (weight loss) surgery is no longer considered cosmetic surgery. It is preventive surgery at its best or curative surgery at the least.

What are the indications for weight loss surgery?

  • BMI >37.5
  • BMI > 32.5 with co morbidities (hypertension, diabetes, sleep apnea, severe arthritis)
  • If ones BMI is >50, then surgery is recommended before trying a diet.

What are the benefits of weight loss surgery?

  • Cure of type 2 diabetes induced by obesity
  • Cure of hypertension induced by obesity
  • Cure of obstructive sleep apnea (stopping of breathing while sleeping)
  • Cure of arthritis induced by obesity
  • Cure of infertility
  • Cure of metabolic syndrome

Bariatric surgery significantly increases not only a person’s survival rate but also the quality of life. Life expectancy is significantly increased in these people. ( Bariatric Sleeve Surgery in Bangalore )

What are the different kinds of weight loss surgery?

  • Sleeve gastrectomy: This is the most suitable procedure for Indians. It is mainly restrictive as > 75 percent of the stomach is removed. There is very little malabsorption and hence suited to the Indian subcontinent. ( Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Bangalore )
  • Gastric bypass ( Roux – En – Y): Both restrictive and malabsorption. It might lead to nutritional deficiencies if supplements are not taken regularly.

The above two are the most common procedures. New evidence suggests that sleeve gastrectomy is as beneficial as gastric bypass in motivated patients with less immediate and long-term complications. Hence, it has emerged as the first choice in India. ( Gastric Band Surgery in Bangalore )

  • Adjustable gastric banding: This needs repeated adjusting to reach optimum level. The patient needs more motivation. Long-term benefits are yet to be proven.
  • Gastric balloon: It is temporarily restrictive for 3/6 months.

A point to remember

The bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore can be a better alternative for patients who are too heavy for the gastric bypass surgery. The sleeve surgery is best carried out on patients who have a BMI of 40 at least.

Changes in your eating habits

There are a few things your need to follow if you undergo the bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore. On the first day post operation, you will be given only nutritive fluids. For the first 4 weeks patients are given protein shakes and later you can switch over to normal food gradually. But patients who will or who have already undergone the bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore have to follow some rules pertaining to your diet and eating habit:

  • Drink water or any fluid half an hour after you have finished your meal.
  • Avoid drinking soda and eating high calorie snacks.
  • Chew your food very well before swallowing
  • Do not drink intermittently during eating as it may fill your stomach quickly

Risks for sleeve surgery

At times, after the bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore, patients may have problems with receiving sufficient nutrition due to their newly constructed stomach. For that, regular intake of vitamins and other supplements are necessary.To get the best results from your bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore, follow your surgeon’s advice before and after the surgery.As the bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore is the most effective surgical method adopted by the surgeons for treating patients with obesity, there are some risk factors in this surgery:

  • There may be some problem in your bowel movements immediately after surgery
  • In some cases patients may have infection or bleeding from the operated area.

Why band-surgery is treated as safe?

  • Gastric band surgery in Bangalore has currently being approved by FDA. Can anything be bigger than FDA-approval? In fact, this approval has nurtured the trust factor of many people who were initially feeling skeptic about this surgery. Different clinical-trials have been made and then only approval has been provided by FDA.
  • If you want to continue receiving lap-band benefits especially in terms of weight-loss then you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you are below 18-years then you should not go for gastric band surgery in Bangalore. In fact, your surgeon is the right person to decide that whether you are in need of this surgery or not.
  • Lap-band is the concerned device which is getting used in the process gastric band surgery in Bangalore. This band has also taken to laboratory for detailed result and it has found that it is made from absolutely safe and flexible material. In fact, no organs will get hurt anyhow due to the presence of lap-band in your body.
  • If you think that only dietary-restrictions will do then you are wrong as you also need to avoid unhealthy-habits especially drug-intake, smoking, alcohol-consumption and others permanently. gastric band surgery in Bangalore is nothing but a long-term surgery for weight-loss. If you are in need of any additional surgeries then your doctor will inform you about the same.

This surgery is nothing but a great motivation especially to those fitness-enthusiasts who intend to lose weight steadily. You also do not have to practice rigorous or intensive workouts for losing weight as your food-intake will automatically get controlled.

What are the major responsibilities of gastro-specialists?

Do you want to get rid of obesity permanently? Well, in this case gastric surgery sleeve in Bangalore is a great solution. This surgery basically leads to the reduction of stomach-size surgically so that food-intake can be effectively control. This control over food-intake often suppresses your appetite. This appetite suppression ultimately ends up into prevention of obesity.

Almost 15-percent of stomach-size is being reduced for creating tube-like or sleeve stomach-structure. This popular procedure is currently well-known as sleeve-gastrectomy. Gastric surgery sleeve in Bangalore ends up successfully only if you choose the most experienced surgeon. This surgery offers a permanent weight-loss solution without inviting any unwanted complications.

Duties of any expert gastro-specialist:

  • One of the leading duties of gastro specialist in Bangalore is diagnose different intestinal or stomach issues.
  • Some improved physical-examinations or tests that are usually being conducted by this specialist are x-ray, ultrasounds and other essential laboratory tests. For laboratory-tests, blood, stool, tissue or urine samples are being collected.
  • The symptoms or signs are being carefully observed or noticed by gastro specialist in Bangalore so that proper treatments can be recommended at the end of the day.
  • Stomach-injuries are also being treated efficiently by this specialist. If the injuries are too intensive then the specialist often recommend for surgeries. Stomach-surgeries are usually conducted by efficient and skilled gastro-specialists.

  • The gastro specialist in Bangalore of ten offers valuable suggestions or advices regarding hoe to lead a healthy-lifestyle especially good food and drinking habits. These habits can definitely resolve your digestive-system or stomach related troubles from the roots.
  • The gastro specialist in Bangalore usually uses various advanced equipment or tools for making the diagnosis done in an accurate and systematic manner.
  • Only an efficient and highly qualified gastro specialist in Bangalore has got the proficiency or skill of analyzing the test-reports well. In fact, on the bass of the collected test-reports he decides the treatment for the patients.
  • The specialist inspires or encourages the patients to go through the treatment procedure so that quick recovery can arrive.
  • The treatments are being observed or administered by the specialist so that the improvement can be noticed. If the current treatments are effective then the gastro specialist in Bangalore will not alter the same at all rather will ask the patient to continue the same.
  • Many potential medicines or drugs are being prescribed by the gastro specialist in Bangalore. Medicine-dosage varies from one patient to another and therefore it is very much necessary for the patients to follow the prescription well. In most of the cases, anti-inflammatory-drugs are being prescribed for getting rid of stomach-inflammation and pain.

Some of the experienced gastro-specialists often give trainings to juniors so that skilled medical-teams can be created. Newly emerged gastro-specialists always keep on making researches in order to collect more and more info about gastro-troubles. Gastro-patients are sometimes asked to go for morning or evening walks, cycling and other light kind of practices so that gastric-issues can be controlled. Extremely spicy-foods should be strictly avoided otherwise existing stomach-issues will get triggered soon.Foods need to be chewed well so that digestion-issues can be avoided. If your existing medicines are not working well then you should report about the same to your doctor.