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How does weight loss surgery (bariatric surgery) work?

Ones you understand the above weight gain logic, it is easy to understand how the surgery work:

  1. Reduces/restricts the amount one can eat—significantly reduces the size of the stomach. By doing so, one will feel full early and has to recognize and stop eating.
  2. Reducex the absorption of food/calories—This can be done by bypassing part of the gastro-intestinal track.
  3. Combination of both—This will induce significant weight loss.

How should one look at bariatric surgery?

One should look at bariatric surgery as a helping hand in the vicious cycle of weight gain. Once one is overweight, he/she has to significantly reduce the amount one is eating, which is very difficult as the stomach is expanded to accommodate previous habits and will constantly feel hunger when one does not eat enough. One already has side effects such as arthritis, which significantly impair the ability to do exercise to lose weight.

Bariatric surgery will break the vicious cycle and induce weight loss, and one has to be motivated to maintain it throughout the life.

A few important facts about Bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore

The bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore is removal of parts of our stomach and joining of the remaining parts which gives it the shape of a banana or “sleeve”. It is almost 1/10th the size of our original stomach and it gives us a feeling of fullness without eating much.

Bariatric Sleeve Surgery in Bangalore is has become popular among patients who want to avoid the post-operation complications and reduce their weight through simple surgery. This is a holistic program which includes a series of procedures for successful implementation of this treatment.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery (Pictorial Representation)

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Advantages of bariatric sleeve surgery

The bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore is adopted by many patients who wish to get rid of their excess body weight without the complications of a Lap Band. Weight loss occurs within 18 months of bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore unlike for Lap Band in which weight loss takes place gradually. The weight loss process due to this surgery is permanent and for this reason bariatric surgeons have adopted this surgical procedure for effective results.However, the advantages of this surgery are:

  • Compared to the gastric bypass surgery, the sleeve surgery takes lesser time.
  • Reduces you feeling of hunger. Also it reduces the capacity of your stomach to hold food.
  • Post operation, patient is released from the hospital after 2 days.
  • No foreign bodies are left inside your body.