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What is Anal fissure

Anal fissure is the most common cause for painful defecation (Opening bowels). Most times it is also associated with bleeding but not all the time. It is a small cut in the anal canal upto skin.

Pain while passing motion which can last upto few hours afterwards is the commonest complaint. This is usually associated with Constipation (Passing hard stool/pushing hard to open bowel). At times it is seen after episode of loose motion.

***Pain while passing stool is never caused by piles/haemorroids***

What is the treatment of anal fissure?

When treated appropriately in the initial stages, fissure heals upto 75% with medicines. Longer the duration less likely it is to heal with creams and might need simple surgery to relax the sphincters so that fissure can heal.

  • Main stay of treatment includes keeping stools soft. This is usually achieved by laxatives during the period of anal fissure but in the long run by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking at-least three lts of water in a day and exercise.
  • Local anesthetic cream applied 20 mins before passing the motion will help in relieving the pain.
  • Second cream (2% Diltigesic) helps to relax the muscle which helps in the healing of the fissure. With this treatment usually 50-60% of fissures heal.

Next step should be injection of BOTOX into sphincters if patients are affordable. This will increase the chances of healing upto 75-80%. This is more so recommended in females as they have weak and small sphincters compared to men and more over they can also be damaged at the time of vaginal delivery. BOTOX injection causes only temporary relaxation of muscles (upto 6 months) so that fissure can heal.

Other wise in patients in whom fissure does not heal by conservative management simple surgery is required (LATERAL SPHNCTEROTOMY) . This will reduce the pain significantly within 24 hrs.

How is such severe pain caused?

Easiest way to understand is, if you sustain a small cut while cutting vegetables, pain will persist till the cut healed and get aggravated when ever anything touches is — including clothes. Similarly pain get stimulated when the stool passes through the anal canal touching the fissure.

Yes there is with good results and is safe.

Any anal fissure which has not healed even after 6 weeks is called chronic anal fissure. Conservative measures are unlikely to work and one might need surgery most of the times.

A small skin tag (Sentinel skin tag) can develop in chronic fissures. Otherwise some patients can experience itching.
Fissure will never lead to cancer.

What are the predominant fissure-surgery costs?

Anal Fissure Surgery Cost in Bangalore includes varied charges categorized under different categories. You have to choose the best health-plan so that you can get rid f the increased cost on fissure-surgery.

Costs to be included:

It is always better to prepare a perfect checklist of anal fissure surgery cost in Bangalore in order to know about individual costs. You should ask the hospital-authority to provide authentic bill for every cost paid. If you have any medical-insurance then you can produce these bills for getting necessary compensations. Some of the major costs that are being included within fistula surgery cost in Bangalore are as follows:

  • Surgeon’s-fee is a primary fissure surgery cost in Bangalore and you have to pay the same otherwise the surgery will not be performed. This fee is usually being charged for performing the surgical-activity at the operation-table. This fee keeps on varying from one surgeon to another. It is quite obvious that experienced surgeons will charge you more and vice-versa.
  • If you have asked for any additional services for post-operative care then you have to pay extra. You can get into the package details in order to find out the perfect cost-allocation for each of the services. Every service is being separately billed by reputed hospitals so that perfect calculation of fissure surgery cost in Bangalore can be made without any errors.
  • Separate billing is now getting prepared by many hospitals especially for different professional-services especially services or assistances offered by medical-consultants, anesthesiologist, assistant surgeon and other related ones. These costs might get increased in case you have taken admission in any private-hospital. These costs are being accumulated for calculating overall fissure surgery cost in Bangalore. If you want to know more about this cost then you should visit the official-site of any reputed hospital online.
  • Hospital-fees are important as without clinical-set-up the surgery cannot be conducted. These fees usually include bed-charge, medicine costs and others. Sometimes, costs for medical tests or examinations are also added back to fissure surgery cost in Bangalore. Bed-charges will increase if the doctor asks the patients to stay longer. Bed-cost is being charged on a per-day basis.
  • If you have asked for any nurse on special duty for proper care and medication as per schedule, then you have to pay extra. The nurse can also accompany you to your house so that you can receive personalized post-surgical care and attention. Many patients go for this personalized-care so that family-members can concentrate on their respective daily tasks. On the other hand, there are some specific medical-needs that can be fulfilled by trained nurses only.
  • The cost of materials needed in the surgery is also being added in the hospital-bill. You should ask for separate bill in this regard so that you can come to know that what materials have been utilized in the surgical procedure. Sometimes, these costs are included within the operation-cost only. If high-quality materials are being used then the fissure surgery cost in Bangalore will get increased without any doubt.

Why proper bowel-care is needed after anal-fissure surgery?

Torn mucous-membranes around anus lead to anal-fissures. Some of these fissures are non-painful and temporary while others are permanents and they generate a lot of pain. Medicines or home-remedies cannot deal with serious fissures and therefore anal fissure surgery in Bangalore needs to be involved.

You should choose such an anal fissure surgery in Bangalore which is completely painless and bring quick recovery. Without a proper outpatient-setting, this procedure cannot be conducted efficiently. Therefore, keeping this in mind You should choose the right hospital for your anal-fissure surgery

The anal fissure surgery in Bangalore will not end-up into great success if you fail to follow or implement best bowel-preparations. Midnight eating or drinking before surgery should be strictly avoided. Your surgeon will prescribe you few medicines to take so that surgery can be smoothly completed.In accordance of the surgical type, surgeons give necessary bowel-preparation instructions to the patients. Sometimes, laxatives are being referred by surgeons.

You should take those medicines absolutely on time for avoiding complications after Anal Fissure Surgery in Bangalore. Blood-thinners should not be taken at all especially before few days from the concerned surgery. Lots and lots of liquids need to be taken for making the bowel-movement smooth. Before surgery, all intestinal-wastes should be eliminated as this is very much important.

Bowel-preparation before surgery:

Proper bowel-care can be invited by having adequate amount of liquids after anal fissure surgery in Bangalore. You should report your doctor regarding your bowel-movement from time to time. Vomiting, nausea and abdominal-bloating are the common post-surgical side-effects but you do not require worrying about the same as they will get dissolved automatically within some days.

  • Dietary-restrictions need to be essentially followed as instructed by surgeon. These restrictions are needed for bringing smooth bowel-movement. You should take liquids or easily-digested foods so that your stool gets passed without inflicting any pain, inflammation or irritation at the treated-area.
  • Fiber-supplements are also very much helpful in this regard. Thee supplements can be easily digested. If you think that taking fiver-diets regularly is not possible for you then you can surely take these supplements. These supplements are now available either in the form of pills or powders and thus thy can be easily taken with liquids. You should take permission from your doctor before starting the intake of these supplements
  • Stoll-softeners are often being recommended for making the stool soft. This is because softer-stools pass much easier than harder ones. If you have got a record of constipation since a long time then you should surely take these softeners after anal fissure surgery in Bangalore on a daily basis without any fail.
  • Some light-exercises need to be practiced after anal fissure surgery in Bangalore as directed by the doctor. But you should strictly avoid highly strenuous-tasks as that might bring unwanted post-surgical complications.If intensive after-care is not involved then recovery from anal fissure surgery in Bangalore will not be gained easily. In this case, surgeons usually instruct the following instructions.