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Suffered like anything for weeks when I was treated for pain and bleeding from back passage as piles problem. He explained everyone has piles!!! Was diagnosed with anal fissure at the time of first cosnultation. Explaned its due to constipation. Went through my diet/life style pattern and suggested changes which were simple to follow and had scentific background. Had minor surgery for fissure and weeks of suffering got cured withing 5 days.

My grandmother was admitted with severe abdominal pain & vomiting. In the first assesment itself he diagnosed her with starngulated incisional hernia. He said he has to operate with in 6 hrs to have best chance of saving her. We were intially reluctant for surgery at such a old age. He patiently explanied the need to do surgery urgently. He showed picture of her intestine which was struck in the hernia and explaned if we daelayed ofr another day the whole bowel would have been gangrenous meaning bigger & complicated surgery. Glad we decided to operate as she was home with in 3 days.

Suffered from recurrent peri anal abscess and had 2 surgeries before. This time I met Dr Maruthesh through common friend who had got operated by him. He explanied the nature of fistula and fact that he will not be able to cut sphincter if fistula invovles it as it will make incontinent. We got MRI scan which confirmed fistula was involving sphincter. He assured me fistula can be cured but it will take 2/3 surgeries with thread coming out of my bottom. The whole process took 6 months but I am not suffering from dischrge for last 6 months and I am afraid to go out socially.

Visited him for weight loss surgery. Unlikely consultation with other doctors he took time to explain the whole process and need for healthy lifestyle even after surgery. Was given a target of loosing 5kg on my own to confirm my motivation. Only when he was convinced I am motivated and mentally ready to take on surgery he agreed to operate on me. Lost 40 kgs with in span of 12 months. Information regarding diet 2 weeks before and 6 weeks after was very clear. Dietary advice support has been given thoughout the for last 18 months. What was impressive was standard he maintained throught my treatment.

Diagnosed my mother to be having pancreatic cancer even though we had gone for some other problems. He refused to operate sying it will not help. He clearly told wheter he operates or not life expectancy is going to be same and we will be putting her through pain in her last day. He stressed the need to maintain my mothers dignity and keep her comfortable and need to keep her happy. We were very angry and got my mother discharged and took her to many doctors. Most of other doctors said the same. In my opnion you can get honest opinion.

My mother had recurrent abdominal pain which was treated by local doctor as acidity. My friend recomonded me to consult Dr Maruthesh. After listening to complaints he said most likely gall stones and scan cocnfiremed it. His blog on www.surgeongowda.com helped me quite a lot as I was scared of surgery. Laparoscopic gall bladder surgery was done same week and was dischrged next day. She is Now able to enjoy all the foods.

Was admitted with emergency ruptured appendicitis. Though intial ultrasound was normal he explanied I am likely to be suffering from appendicitis and gave option of CT scan which was done immediately and I in deed had appendicitis. He operated on me same day and it was done through 3 small holes (Laparoscopic). Next day I was discharged. Was back to work in 5 days. Even though he had styed in UK for 10 years he had no hesitation to speak and explain in Kannada.

Met him with what I thought was piles problem. Had seen numerous doctors with severe pain while passing motion. He explained that piles don’t cause pain and are normal part of our body. He rightly dignosed it as anal fissure. Suggested creams and laxatives, toiletery habits and fissure healed within 7 days. Long term simple dietary and lifestyle chages have made big difference.

Met him for umbilcal heria repair which was very big and was suggested open surgery. He explaned why laparoscopic surgery is better. Also explaned in detail the need to use special mesh and complications of using normal mesh. Had laparoscopic repair which left me with almost no scar. Was discharged 24 hours later and was back to work in one week. Only restriction was no heavy weight lifting for 6 weeks. There was no diet restriction.

Gyanecologist asked me check with Dr Maruthesh whether I can have laparoscopic surgery for large ovarian cyst as she could only do it open. I consider mysely lucky that I met him as he explained the whole procedure, risks and complications. It was just 24 hours admission and was back to work in no time. Post op instruction sheet solved so many myths.

Met him through gynaecologist when I suffered from ruptured ectopic and almost lost my life. Even though I had lost 2lt of blood and my regular gyanceologist told I need open surgrey, Dr Maruthesh opearted laparoscopically. I was discharged on second day with clear instruction sheet. I felt whole team know what they are doing. Ever so greatful.

Visited him for my ingrowing toe nail which was troubling for months. He explanied risks and benefits and toe nail was taken out under local anaesthesia as an OPD procedure. Was able to walk home after. Importance to give importance to minor details sets him apart from other doctors.

Had stapled haemorroidectomy for my piles. Was very caring throughout.

Visited Dr Maruthesh for Dr Maruthesh for weight loss surgery. What impressed us was the step wise approach and time he gave us. Suggested to try diet and gave advise on that. Made me understand surgery is not do it and forget. He made me realise healthy living. Had surgery after 3 months and now lost 50KGS!! Can trust him to operate on loved ones.

Met him regarding my hernia in the groins. Even though I had hernia in both groins he opereated through three small holes (Laparoscopic) and was discharged next day. He was very caring and explained everything before surgery.

My dad had colonoscopy which was done with help of sedation and painkiller. Informed consent was taken after explaining all the risks. He was very comfortable through out.

Had endoscopy by Dr Maruthesh. Not as bad as I tought it was going to be. He explanied the whole procedure before starting. Very reassuring before procedure and calming influence.

Went to have endoscopy as suggested by another doctor. Dr Maruthesh took time to explain that my symptoms are not due to acidity and cancelled endoscopy. I was suffering from IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome). Intial medicines and lifestyle changes have completely cured me. After researching I had accept that my symptoms were probably made worse by all the antacid medicines I was consuming.

Suffered from acidity for years and my life was miserable. After endoscopy explanied what is the problem. I had part of my stomch in the chest (Hitus hernia). Initial medicines and life style chnges helped but did not completely relieve me of symptoms. After reading his blog and feed back from other patients I had key hole surgery which again was again done after explainig pro’s & con’s and now I am completely off medicines and can eat everything.

Met Dr Maruthesh G C for what I thought was acidity and has been self medicating with antacids. He explanied whats acidity and whats not and in my case it was IBS (Irritable Bowel syndrome). Initial traetment with medicines controlled my symptoms with in 48 hours and the life style changes suggested have kept symptoms completely at bay. His blog were very useful.

My gynaecologist introduced me to Dr Maruthesh and I Underwent Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for large fibroid. He explaned benefits of Laparoscopic Vs Open. I am glad I chose to have laparoscopic. Was able to have food with in 6 hours after surgery. Three small holes to care for. Was able to do daily activities from day2. No food restrictions and all our concerens were listened to and explanied in detail by Doctor

My gyanecologist introduced him for emergency ectopic surgery. He Made us understand its life threatening and need to do it immediatley. She was operated at 11 PM. Even though my wife had lost more than 2 ltrs of blood procedure was done as Laparoscopic and we were discharged on second day. Post op advice sheet was very informative and helpful. Highly recommned him

My mother needed thyroid surgery. Though we were advised the half thyroid removal by another docto. But Dr Maruthesh discussed benefits and risks of such surgery. We were pleased we met him. Though we decied to remove whole thyoid we went home on day2!. We were scared a lot because we thought it was major surgery with big risk to life but we were reassured fully after speking to the doctor. We only met him once after 2 weeks. Strongly advise him

Vistied him for toe nail infection and was removed under local anesthetic same day. Went to work from th hospital with clear instructions and what to expect. Very caring and informative.

Had Laparoscopic Inguinal hernia surgery and was done as day case. Admitted at to hospital 6 AM and surgey was started at 8AM. All the things were explanied before surgery and we knew exctly what to expect after surgery. Was able to do day to day activities from day1. Scars are bare visible after 2 weeks. No groin pain and can sit comfortable from day1. My friends who had open surgery had told there suffering for almost 1 month and they could not believe how comfortable I am after just 2 days.

My mother had gallbladder stones. We are from West Bengal. We were told she can not eat so many foods after surgery by relatives who had their gallbladder removed. When Dr Maruthesh said she can eat anything immediately 4 hrs after surgery could not believe or trust it. Now she is eating all the food and she is well. Thank you so much for solving so many myths.

Had Nissen fundoplication for my Acid reflux. Now able to enjoys all the foods without worrying too much.

Diagnosed my father with colorectal cancer though other doctors have been saying its acidity. Whole assesment was done same week. Had laparoscpic procedure for cancer with small incision to remove specime. Was discharged on 4th day after surgery. Excellent care. Gives all the information and is sensitive to patient circumstances

Appriciate him for taking time to explain my symptoms are not due to acidity but IBS. Though he gave medicines for initial 10 days life style changes suggested have kept my symptoms completely away.

Had surgery for my acid reflux caused by hiatus hernia after a friend of mine reffered me to Dr Maruthesh. He undertook endoscopy himself to assess whether I will benefit from surgery. Had to follow sloppy diet for first 2 weeks. Now after avoiding so many foods for years now can eat and enjoy all things. Not taken single antacid medicine for last 6 months.

Had surgery for my pilonidal sinus after 2 unsucessful attempts. Explanation regarding condition and what to expect was given from the beginning. Advised to under go FLAP reconstruction because of previous two failed attempts. Though apprehensive went ahead with surgery. I was discharged on second day.

Saw him for my piles surgery after reading his blogs. Explanied clearly benefits and risks of different methods of treatment. Has staplled procedure. It was defenitly wound less and pain was controlled with tablets from day1.

Had peri anal abscesses drained three times before I consulted Dr Maruthesh who was recommonded by my friend. After listening to my symptoms and examination suggested I have MRI. After MRI clearly told me it will 2-3 operations to cure me of fistula as it had involved my sphincter muscles and cutting them would lead to permanent incontinence. Finally got cured after years of suffering and emberassament.