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Patientedu is an online doctor consultation platform where users can get medical advice from doctors. We provide various channels to contact our doctors such as posting as a health query or booking a slot for real time face-to-face consultation over Vedio or Phone (it will be a private/secure call back) Or Chat Or E mail for second opinion. One can use our service to consult with highly qualified doctors at the comfort of your home.

One of the most fundamental opportunities in our society today is the easy access to basic healthcare services through technology. The extremely low ratio of doctors to patients in India and other developing countries, is one glaring gap and therefore the healthcare system needs alternatives to the conventional brick and mortar model. Patientedu strives to bridge this gap between doctors and patients through a digital channel of primary healthcare delivery anytime anywhere. Patientedu endeavors to provide the best-in-class telemedicine experience to empower people to lead healthy lifestyles, enhance productivity, reduce infection rate and improve operational efficiency of Doctors.

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Our Online medical consultation provides patients medical advise at patinets convenience. This would avoid trip to hospital or clinic.

Our Mission

Patientedu upholds the highest standards when approving doctors to practise in the online doctor consultation service. Our goal is to provide the highest caliber of online healthcare and to offer a unique service where any patient can receive consultation with any doctors irrespective of their geographical location.

Our Vision

Patientedu’s vision is to ensure that all its users are rightly informed about their potential health issues and that the Doctor team at Patientedu helps the users with prevention.

Privacy and security

Privacy and security is paramount at Patientedu. Every one at team-patientedu strictly follows the thumb rule that under no circumstances the identity of Patientedu’s users are revealed.