Proctology - Best Piles, Fistula, Anal fissure, Pilonidal Sinus & Pruritus Ani Surgery in Bangalore


Proctology is branch of medicine which deals which conditions affecting anal canal (Back passage) and Rectum. Common conditions piles (Haemorroids), Anal fissure, Anal fistula, Pilonidal Sinus or pilonidal abscess and Pruritis Ani (Itiching around back passage)


Does Everyone Have Piles?

While most patients come with self diagnosis of suffering from piles/haemorrhoids, I reassure them it’s normal part of every human being and we are all born with them. Another myth is pain from piles. Piles are painless and cause bleeding, itching and some time jelly like secretions but they very rarely cause pain.

Do we need piles?

Yes. Contrary to belief Haemorrhoids (piles) are necessary for everyone. They have a role in continence (once ability to control/postpone defecation). 

Does Piles cause cancer?

They will never cause cancer or turn into one. 

How much blood is lost because of bleeding from piles?

Most people are concerned about the huge amount of blood they have lost but in most cases it’s very little (mls). It looks more as it is mixed with water and water has turned red. It is very rare for one to loose excess amount of blood because of bleeding from piles. This is very rare to cause anaemia (Low blood count) and if found one might need Colonoscopy to rule out other causes of bleeding.

Bleeding from the piles is bright red in colour and is never mixed with stool. It is usually self limiting lasting few days.

If Piles are normal what causes piles to enlarge?

Causes of enlarged piles/bleeding are associated with increased abdominal pressure. Some of them being
1. Constipation requiring people to put pressure to pass motion.
2. Chronic cough
3. Weight lifting
Other rare causes include soft tissue disorders.

How are piles classified?What are different stages of piles?

Depending on size they are classified into 4 categories. (see the picture)
1st Degree—mildly enlarged
2nd degree— big enough to meet opposite side inside anal canal
3rd degree — come out but go back in on their own/can be pushed back
4th degree— always outside and stay outside

What is the treatment of piles?

If piles are bleeding intermittently then treating aggravating factor which is constipation in most of the cases will solve the problem.

If persistent bleeding is the problem then haemorrhoids can be dealt with proctoscopy and rubber bands in the clinic for 1st and 2nd degree haemorrhoids.
3rd and 4th degree haemorrhoids need haemorroidectomy.

Treatment Options:

Open Haemorroidectomy: In this procedure haemorroids are cut either using scissors or diathermy (Current). Bigest disdvantage in this procedure is open wound and severe pain. One migt not be able sit comfortably for atleast 2 weeks.
Stapled haemorroidectomy is as good if not better to open haemorroidectomy for treating piles. It’s big advantage is considerably less pain compared to open haemorroidectomy. Pain is considerably less compared to open and is biggest advantage is that there is no wound.

Haemorroidal artery ligation & Mucopexy: In this procedure there is no cut (Wound) and haemorroids are treated by cutting off blood supply to them and part of haemorroid coming out is pulled inside with suture.

Laser Surgery is also available where LASER is used to treat haemorroids.


What is an anal fistula?

It is an abnormal connection between your anal canal (back passage) to the surrounding skin which can happen due to various reson explanied below.

Are there different kinds of fistula?

Fistula’s can be classified depending on the involvement of sphincter muscles and internal opening as shown in the picture.

What are the symptoms of Fistula?

 Recurrent discharge of pus around the back passage which stops and starts . People end up taking antibiotic each time and with time fistula will become more complex and difficult to treat. If there is collection of pus then it cam present at abscess in which case abscess needs to be treated first then fistula at a later stage.

Is there LASER surgery for anal fistula?

Yes now there is laser which is safe and very effective.

What causes anal fistula?

Most fistulas are caused by simple hair follicle infection which was not treated completely/properly.
There are millions of hair follicles in one’s body. Any one of them around anal canal can get infected. Infection is more in people who sit for long time and more so who sit in unhygienic or hot/sweating environment (ex: long distance drivers). When the infection happens and there is pus collection if it is drained appropriately then chances of fistula formation decreases drastically.

If pus is not drained then body has to discharge the pus and there are only two directions. If it bursts out of skin and infection gets completely cured then fistula does not form. If it bursts into anal canal then fistula is formed or worst case it bursts into skin but residual infection spreads slowly in different directions then complex fistula is formed. There are certain conditions like Crohn’s which predisposes one to having fistula. These conditions are rare in India.

How is Fistula treated?

Only way to cure the fistula is by surgery. Most of fistula are simple and do not involve sphincter muscles so cutting it out fully will cure the fistula. If fistula involves sphincter muscles then cutting out fistula in one operation is not solution as it might cure fistula but it will one with incontinence. If sphincters are damaged one would loose control over the passing the stool and might have to run to toilet every time one gets sensation or there is prospect of passing on its own. So in these scenarios patient will need to have patience and might need two/three operations.


What is Anal fissure

Anal fissure is the most common cause for painful defecation (Opening bowels). Most times it is also associated with bleeding but not all the time. It is a small cut in the anal canal upto skin.

Pain while passing motion which can last upto few hours afterwards is the commonest complaint. This is usually associated with Constipation (Passing hard stool/pushing hard to open bowel). At times it is seen after episode of loose motion.

***Pain while passing stool is never caused by piles/haemorroids***

What is the treatment of anal fissure?

When treated appropriately in the initial stages, fissure heals upto 75% with medicines. Longer the duration less likely it is to heal with creams and might need simple surgery to relax the sphincters so that fissure can heal.

1. Main stay of treatment includes keeping stools soft. This is usually achieved by laxatives during the period of anal fissure but in the long run by eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking at-least three lts of water in a day and exercise.
2. Local anesthetic cream applied 20 mins before passing the motion will help in relieving the pain.
3. Second cream (2% Diltigesic) helps to relax the muscle which helps in the healing of the fissure. With this treatment usually 50-60% of fissures heal.

Next step should be injection of BOTOX into sphincters if patients are affordable. This will increase the chances of healing upto 75-80%. This is more so recommended in females as they have weak and small sphincters compared to men and more over they can also be damaged at the time of vaginal delivery. BOTOX injection causes only temporary relaxation of muscles (upto 6 months) so that fissure can heal.

Other wise in patients in whom fissure does not heal by conservative management simple surgery is required (LATERAL SPHNCTEROTOMY) . This will reduce the pain significantly within 24 hrs.

Yes there is with good results and is safe.

Any anal fissure which has not healed even after 6 weeks is called chronic anal fissure. Conservative measures are unlikely to work and one might need surgery most of the times.

A small skin tag (Sentinel skin tag) can develop in chronic fissures. Otherwise some patients can experience itching.
Fissure will never lead to cancer.

How is such severe pain caused?

Easiest way to understand is, if you sustain a small cut while cutting vegetables, pain will persist till the cut healed and get aggravated when ever anything touches is — including clothes. Similarly pain get stimulated when the stool passes through the anal canal touching the fissure.

PRURITIS ANI (Peri anal Itching)

What is pruritis ani?

It’s a condition which is characterised by excessive itching around anal canal. Even though it is not serious it is socially emberassing at the least. Problem is compounded by the fact patients feel emberassed to sek help from doctors at the early stage. This makes treatment even more difficult as patients seek at late stage. By this stage there might be skin damage.

What causes pruritis Ani?

There are many causes which might lead to pruritis Ani. Most common cause is incomplete cleaning or minor leakage of faeces from anal canal.  This can also be caused by 3rd and 4th degree haemorroids (piles) (See
Piles blog). This can also be caused by certain skin conditions which might have already affected different parts of the body.

What is the treatment of Pruritis Ani?

Pruritis Ani gets better with identifying and treatment of cause. If no cuase found then simple measures will outlined below will help.

What are the home remedies?

Though it is not a serious condition its difficult to treat. This is because it might be difficult to identify the
condition which is causing the pruritis ani. After identifying it needs both patience and persistence. This might be complicated as we might not be able to remove aggravating factors like (Work condition, weather etc).

Home remedies include

  1. First and the most important is personal hygiene. The area must be kept as clean as possible. After passing each motion the area should be washed with water and dried with soft clothe.
  2. Avoid using paper to clean after passing the motion.
  3. Some people might feel better after cold than warm water.
  4. Do not use soap/antiseptics/perfume. Any artifiicial agent can lead to skin irritation. Some might find emolient solution helpful.
  5. If water is not available then use wet baby wipes/soft toilet paper after opening bowel.
  6. Avoid scratching at all cost.
  7. After cleaning with water after passing motion dry the area with soft towel. Do not rub the area. You might find hair dryer with low setting helpful.
  8. Loose cotton underware and changing it twice a day will be helpful.
  9. Avoid tight trousers/jeans. Less friction is helpful in most conditions.
  10. Avoid sittind in one place for long time especially on plastic chair.
  11. undergrments should be washed with non-biological washing powder.  Make sure there is no traces of dettergent on undergarments.
  12. Avoid constipation at all cost.

If you have tried all measures at home and symptoms are resolved then consultation with proctologist for further assessment and treatment will be helpful.


Pilonidal is a condition in which hair grows/collected under the skin in nata cleft (Space between two buttocks).

Pilonidal sinus is a abnormal track from deeper infection below to the skin. The track usually travels vertically which may progress with time.

The exact cause of the pilonidal sinus is not known. Some people are born with a pit where hair is trapped between buttocks and with age sinus develops. In some cases the pit may develop with constant pressure.
Some of the conditions which increases the incedence include
A job involving a lot of sitting (a sedentary occupation)
Being overweight (obesity)
A previous persistent irritation or injury to the affected area
Having a hairy, deep natal cleft
A family history of the condition

Treatment options:

I follow a simple alogorithm for traetment of pilonidal condtions

1. When the abscess develops in a short span of time (Acute abscess) and pain and infection are not severe then it can be treated with course of antibiotics for 5 days and planned defenitive surgery with in 6 weeks.

2. When the abscess develops in a short span of time (Acute abscess) and pain and infection are severe then it can be treated with immediate excision

3. When it’s a recurrent chronic condition then planned surgery is done.

I offer the following surgical options depending on the condition

1. If infection is less and there is no contamination of surgical site then excision and primary closure.

2. If surgical site is contaminated then excision and healing by seconday intention.

Both above procedures are simple with no other added complications and will be enough to treat about 90% conditions so I would always prefer to perform simple wide excision +/- primary closure for all the pilonidal conditions as a first choice.

If condition reccurs then a advanced procedure which involves mobilising and closure with flap can be performed.

Pilonidal sinus is minor condition but problomatic because of the place it affects.

Why proper bowel-care is needed after anal-fissure surgery?

Torn mucous-membranes around anus lead to anal-fissures. Some of these fissures are non-painful and temporary while others are permanents and they generate a lot of pain. Medicines or home-remedies cannot deal with serious fissures and therefore anal fissure surgery in Bangalore needs to be involved.

You should choose such an anal fissure surgery in Bangalore which is completely painless and bring quick recovery. Without a proper outpatient-setting, this procedure cannot be conducted efficiently. Therefore, keeping this in mind You should choose the right hospital for your anal-fissure surgery

Bowel-preparation before surgery:

The anal fissure surgery in Bangalore will not end-up into great success if you fail to follow or implement best bowel-preparations. Midnight eating or drinking before surgery should be strictly avoided. Your surgeon will prescribe you few medicines to take so that surgery can be smoothly completed.In accordance of the surgical type, surgeons give necessary bowel-preparation instructions to the patients. Sometimes, laxatives are being referred by surgeons.

You should take those medicines absolutely on time for avoiding complications after anal fissure surgery in Bangalore. Blood-thinners should not be taken at all especially before few days from the concerned surgery. Lots and lots of liquids need to be taken for making the bowel-movement smooth. Before surgery, all intestinal-wastes should be eliminated as this is very much important.

Bowel-preparation before surgery:

Proper bowel-care can be invited by having adequate amount of liquids after anal fissure surgery in Bangalore. You should report your doctor regarding your bowel-movement from time to time. Vomiting, nausea and abdominal-bloating are the common post-surgical side-effects but you do not require worrying about the same as they will get dissolved automatically within some days.

  • Dietary-restrictions need to be essentially followed as instructed by surgeon. These restrictions are needed for bringing smooth bowel-movement. You should take liquids or easily-digested foods so that your stool gets passed without inflicting any pain, inflammation or irritation at the treated-area.
  • Fiber-supplements are also very much helpful in this regard. Thee supplements can be easily digested. If you think that taking fiver-diets regularly is not possible for you then you can surely take these supplements. These supplements are now available either in the form of pills or powders and thus thy can be easily taken with liquids. You should take permission from your doctor before starting the intake of these supplements
  • Stoll-softeners are often being recommended for making the stool soft. This is because softer-stools pass much easier than harder ones. If you have got a record of constipation since a long time then you should surely take these softeners after anal fissure surgery in Bangalore on a daily basis without any fail.
  • Some light-exercises need to be practiced after anal fissure surgery in Bangalore as directed by the doctor. But you should strictly avoid highly strenuous-tasks as that might bring unwanted post-surgical complications.If intensive after-care is not involved then recovery from anal fissure surgery in Bangalore will not be gained easily. In this case, surgeons usually instruct the following instructions.

Get an overview about the popular pile-surgeries:

Piles can be now easily identified with rectal-bleeding. This really brings a great suffering if not being treated on time. If you have chosen best piles surgery in Bangalore then you might get quick relief from unwanted sufferings especially due to larger piles. You might face sitting or standing issue if you have got piles.


Now, piles can be treated easily and conveniently with laser-technology based surgery. It has been currently recognized as the most advanced and best piles surgery in Bangalore. This surgery involves easy correction of piles and thus the procedure does not involve much time.

This best piles surgery in Bangalore is almost non-invasive in nature and thus inflicts no pain at all rather the patients will receive the highest comfort during the course of the surgery. Wound-healing speed is faster in this case.Therefore it is very important to decide before surgery that whether the patient is eligible or not.If the specialist is efficient enough then only the laser-beam intensity can be controlled nicely.

Since long-time hospitalizations are not involved therefore you can make savings on hospital-charges at the end of the day. In case of this surgery, only piles are being targeted and thus surrounding tissues do not get adversely affected by laser-beams at all.

If you check out the survey-reports then you will surely come to know that this particular surgery is now speedily replacing other conventional options of best piles surgery in Bangalore. But not all candidates are suitable for laser pile-surgery.Minimum bleeding is involved and the best part is that anal blood-vessels are being sealed-off by laser-beans after the procedure is over.



Pile pain and discomfort especially discharge, bleeding and itching can be now efficiently dealt by this best piles surgery in Bangalore. Smaller and external piles can be only easily treated by the same. Hemorrhoids are being eliminated directly from roots.Only overnight-stay is involved as the procedure gets completed within a single day. Stitches need to be made for sealing off incisions around sensitive-areas. This stitching might be a little painful at times. This best piles surgery in Bangalore can bring effective results only if it is being conducted during the initial pile-phases.


Anal-tissues slipping-down from anal-canal can be now efficiently treated with stapling procedure. This best piles surgery in Bangalore is quite a popular treatment for dealing with piles these days. Some of the major benefits that can be derived from this surgery are less pain, quick recovery, few complications and low itching and bleeding. In this case, hammerheads are being repositioned well by using staple-like device. This repositioning is necessary for unclogging blood-vessels around anal-canal.These are the three popular methods of best piles surgery in Bangalore but there are many more. Sclerotheraphy and rubber-band litigation are the two less-know processes by means of which piles can be treated well. You are free to make an independent search in order to find out the safest pile-surgery. This search will definitely enable you choosing the right option for piles-removal.

What are the predominant fissure-surgery costs?

Fissure surgery cost in Bangalore includes varied charges categorized under different categories. You have to choose the best health-plan so that you can get rid f the increased cost on fissure-surgery.

Costs to be included:

It is always better to prepare a perfect checklist of fissure surgery cost in Bangalore in order to know about individual costs. You should ask the hospital-authority to provide authentic bill for every cost paid. If you have any medical-insurance then you can produce these bills for getting necessary compensations. Some of the major costs that are being included within fistula surgery cost in Bangalore are as follows:

  • Surgeon’s-fee is a primary fissure surgery cost in Bangalore and you have to pay the same otherwise the surgery will not be performed. This fee is usually being charged for performing the surgical-activity at the operation-table. This fee keeps on varying from one surgeon to another. It is quite obvious that experienced surgeons will charge you more and vice-versa.
  • If you have asked for any additional services for post-operative care then you have to pay extra. You can get into the package details in order to find out the perfect cost-allocation for each of the services. Every service is being separately billed by reputed hospitals so that perfect calculation of fissure surgery cost in Bangalore can be made without any errors.
  • Separate billing is now getting prepared by many hospitals especially for different professional-services especially services or assistances offered by medical-consultants, anesthesiologist, assistant surgeon and other related ones. These costs might get increased in case you have taken admission in any private-hospital. These costs are being accumulated for calculating overall fissure surgery cost in Bangalore. If you want to know more about this cost then you should visit the official-site of any reputed hospital online.
  • Hospital-fees are important as without clinical-set-up the surgery cannot be conducted. These fees usually include bed-charge, medicine costs and others. Sometimes, costs for medical tests or examinations are also added back to fissure surgery cost in Bangalore. Bed-charges will increase if the doctor asks the patients to stay longer. Bed-cost is being charged on a per-day basis.
  • If you have asked for any nurse on special duty for proper care and medication as per schedule, then you have to pay extra. The nurse can also accompany you to your house so that you can receive personalized post-surgical care and attention. Many patients go for this personalized-care so that family-members can concentrate on their respective daily tasks. On the other hand, there are some specific medical-needs that can be fulfilled by trained nurses only.
  • The cost of materials needed in the surgery is also being added in the hospital-bill. You should ask for separate bill in this regard so that you can come to know that what materials have been utilized in the surgical procedure. Sometimes, these costs are included within the operation-cost only. If high-quality materials are being used then the fissure surgery cost in Bangalore will get increased without any doubt.

How fistula-surgery cost can be easily estimated?

Modern fistula-surgery is now getting advanced day by day as a result of which fistula-trouble can be easily eliminated from the root. If fistula surgery cost in Bangalore is making you bother then you need to find out the best means for getting the right rate.

Extreme pain and unwanted anal-infections can be now easily avoided by means of fistula-surgery. If any of your friends or relatives has recently gone through the concerned surgery then he will surely be able to tell you about fistula surgery cost in Bangalore.

Factors to be considered:

  • Booking method: If you book all your appointments online then your booking-cost will get reduced to a great extent. This reduction affects your fistula surgery cost in Bangalore directly. In some cases, you might even receive concessions every time you book appointments with your concerned surgeon.
  • Cost-comparison: This is one of the most effective means that enable you getting the best fistula surgery cost in Bangalore. There are many people who before going through this surgery collect different surgical rates so that cost-comparison can be properly done without any kind of confusion. This comparison plays a great role in detecting the best surgical-cost that suits your budget the most.
  • Hospital-care services: Nowadays, fistula surgery cost in Bangalore can be well-decided on the basis of facilities you are actually in need of. Now, most hospitals offer hospital-services in the form of packages and thus you have to choose the most affordable package including those services that you are in need of. These are the most important factors that can help you to get an accurate estimation of fistula surgery cost in Bangalore. Make sure that the hospital is not charging any additional cost. In this respect, you should collect all necessary bills associated with the surgery.
  • Complicated case: If your fistula-condition is very much serious and complicated then you have to pay a little more than normal conditions. Therefore, you should get the surgery done at the initial-stage of fistula in order to enjoy a comparatively reduced fistula surgery cost in Bangalore.
  • Surgery method: This is a great factor that needs to be essentially considered for deciding the actual fistula surgery cost in Bangalore. If the method is advanced then the rate will be more and vice-versa. Therefore, keeping that in mind you should make selection of the best surgical-method that not only eliminates your fistula-trouble but also suits your budget well. Sometimes, the surgeon decides the surgery-method and thus the patients find no other way than agreeing to the same.
  • Hospital type: If you have chosen a reputed hospital for your fistula-surgery then you have to pay comparatively more. Therefore, you should choose only local ones in case you have got a limited budget. Therefore, you should make a detailed research online in order to find out the fistula surgery cost in Bangalore offered by fistula-surgery hospitals. If you are choosing any government hospital then you have to pay a lower charge while for private-hospitals your surgery-costs will surely get increased.

How surgeons efficiently deal with pilonidal sinus surgery?

Is pilonidal-sinus infection coming back to you again and again? Well, then this is the time when you should understand that medicine or therapies cannot stop this infection anymore. In this scenario, pilonidal sinus surgery in Bangalore is the sole solution.

It is on the basis of infection-stage that the perfect type of pilonidal sinus surgery in Bangalore is being decided by the expert surgeon. Intensive situation that highly demands for this surgery basically leads to the formation of recurrent cysts. This condition is popularly known in the name of pilonidal-disease.

How pilonidal-sinus surgery is conducted?

  1. Infected pilonidal-cysts cannot be cured with antibiotics and this is why doctors often recommend for pilonidal sinus surgery in Bangalore. These cysts are quite painful and if you want to get rid of this pain permanently then you should definitely go for this surgery. Infected pilonidal-sinus is being surgically drained out by using local anesthesia.
  2. Oral-antibiotics are being provided so that surgical-pain cannot be released. These antibiotics also help in reducing infection-effects to a great extent. These antibiotics need to be taken at least before few weeks from pilonidal sinus surgery in Bangalore for receiving best results. Direct incisions are being made so that cysts can be operated efficiently.
  3. The wounds of this pilonidal sinus surgery in Bangalore are being sealed by sutures. Surgical-approaches need to be decided before only and this decision is being taken on the basis of cyst-size. Cyst-size can be now known directly from the medical-test reports. The wounds should be nicely dressed or covered otherwise they might get exposed towards infectious elements especially bacteria.
  4. The cysts are being completely removed in this pilonidal sinus surgery in Bangalore. Nowadays, surgeons are using only advanced surgical-techniques so that the cysts do not come back. Therefore, patients who are getting bothered by large-sized cysts should definitely choose pilonidal sinus surgery in Bangalore as the most reliable and permanent solution.
  5. Before going through pilonidal sinus surgery in Bangalore, you should take valuable advices or suggestions from your surgeon. Your age and cyst-condition are the two most important factors that are being considered for finalizing the surgery type or approach. Limberg-flap is a very popular surgical-approach.
  6. In this case, rhomboid-shaped incision is involved for creating easy flaps. These flaps can help in making access of the cysts easily and efficiently. Flaps can be easily lowered immediately after the surgery completion and the lowered flap is being stitched thoroughly for making the wound closed nicely. Prescribed medicines should be continued as long as the surgeon instructs to stop the consumption.
  7. These medicines not only prevent post-surgical complications but also help in wound-recovery. Pilonidal sinus is mostly being experienced by men than women. Men having thick body-hairs often develop this issue. Obese or overweight can also be one of the most prominent reasons behind this issue. There are many men who neglect this issue when the cyst remain smaller but this should not be done as when the infection becomes intensive the cysts will grow in size speedily.

What are the best treatments for anal-itching?

Anal-area itching is very much irritating and if this continues for long then the infection might spread and affect your internal-organs as well. Some commonest signs of anal-itching that might make you bother are burning, itching, irritation, soreness, pain, chafing and dryness.

The condition needs to be diagnosed well otherwise best pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore cannot be chosen. Pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore especially after or during pregnancy needs to be chosen carefully. Persistent or recurrent rectum-itching can even cause severe bleeding and thus you should get the best pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore as soon as possible.

Anal-itching causes:

  • Candidiasis.
  • Constipation
  • Stress
  • Anal fissures
  • Pregnancy.
  • Psoriasis.
  • Medications.
  • Dry skin
  • Laxative overusage.
  • Fungal-infections.
  • Low-stomach acid.
  • Food irritants
  • Parasitic attacks.
  • STD infections
  • Chemical irritants
  • Hemorrhoids.
  • Excessive sweating and washing.
  • Liver diseases

Best treatments for anal-itching:

  • Moisture-preventing gels, ointments or creams need to be used as directed by doctors so that unwanted seating or moisture-accumulation at the anal-area can be prevented easily. This is how anal-irritation can also be reduced to a great extent. Zinc-oxide oriented creams need to be chosen for creating thin-layer preventing moisture. Three or two times application is enough. Till two-weeks you have to use these creams continuously for receiving improved results. Corticosteroid-cream or petroleum-jelly can be applies for making the concerned purpose fulfilled.
  • Cold-compression seems to a best pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore in the current era. Cotton-gloves should be used while applying ice on your affected-area. Inflammation and unwanted skin-irritation can be relieved a lot with cold-compression. Ice-packs can be applied multiple times in a day.
  • Cold-compression seems to a best pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore in the current era. Cotton-gloves should be used while applying ice on your affected-area. Inflammation and unwanted skin-irritation can be relieved a lot with cold-compression. Ice-packs can be applied multiple times in a day.
  • Gentle cleansing is a great pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore. This cleansing is now possible with either mild-soap or normal-water. You just have to make the irritating-skin clean but do not include scrubbing as that might worsen the situation. While travelling, you can simply carry any empty-bottle so that you can easily squeeze water from that bottle for washing-off your affected-area.
  • After cleaning the itchy area you should use either cotton-ball or toilet-paper for making the area dry completely. In this respect hair-dryer can also be used for making the wet-area dried. Unmedicated-talcum can also be applied over your irritated rectum but cornstarch-powder should be avoided. This particular pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore helps in making the moisture absorbed quickly and you will also get enough of relief.
  • There are some specific products that should not be applied at all and they are witch-hazel products, moist wipes, perfumed soaps, genital deodorants, bubble-baths and other related irritants. You can also make approach to any specialist for getting the best pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore.

If you are looking for any natural pruritus ani treatment in Bangalore, then you can definitely choose home-remedies. Some useful remedies that are being used in this regard are aloe-Vera, oatmeal, apple-cider vinegar, coconut-oil, essential-oils, baking-soda bath, Honey and milk, Lemon juice and others.