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Dr Maruthesh Gowda C

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Consultant Laproscopic Gastrointestinal & Bariactric surgeon

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1. Pain below chest which gets worse or better with food

2. Burning sensation in just below chest or in between chest

3. Feeling full after eating small amout of food and loss of apetite

4. Abdominal bloating or feeling of stomach has increased in size

5. Constipation or loose motion (Diarrhoea) or Alternate constipation & diarrhoea

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Best gastroenterologist in Bangalore

Bangalore is a booming hub for hospital management which is catering to thousands of patients every day who are suffering from gastrointestinal disorders. Here doctors with expertise in varied disorders of the digestive system are handling complicated ailments of the liver, pancreas and other organs related to our digestive system. Most of us wish to get treated by the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore for the outstanding medical facilities they ensure to each of their patients.

Gastroenterological disorders require a series of medical tests depending on the intensity and complications of the patient concerned. The best gastroenterologist in Bangalore has won accolades at national and international spheres for setting up an endo-sonography unit at his own hospital. Now, detection of a complicated gastro problem is executed with more accuracy and without doing an endoscopy and an ultrasonography separately.

Why do patients choose the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore?

  • One of main reasons why patients come from all parts of the country to the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore is for his expert handling of both the departments of gastroenterology and hepatology in one of the most reputed hospitals in Bangalore. He is also the HOD of both the departments in the same hospital.
  • Patients from all parts of the country come to Bangalore to get treated by the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore for the excellent facilities provided by the hospital that minimizes the hazards of prolonged treatment.
  • Often patients come up with complaints against the hospital management for extracting unbilled amount of money when they are admitted to the hospital. But, if a patient is admitted under the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore, the payment procedure is fair and smooth and patient’s family does not have to undergo any kind of unfair dealing with the hospital management.
  • Children suffering from chronic gastrointestinal disorders often develop this problem since their birth. Consulting the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore will give you the opportunity of getting world class treatment that addresses to the complications your child is suffering from.
  • Choosing the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore saves you from the expenses of going abroad for treatment. Here you can get world class treatment for your gastrointestinal disorders in a budget that does not pinch your pocket.
  • Patients who are advised invasive treatment in case of complex gastrointestinal problems seek medical help of the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore for the well-coordinated healthcare and amiable service provided by the hospital team.

Bangalore is known for being home to some of the best multi-super speciality hospitals of the country where patients suffering from gastrointestinal problems are given best surgical treatments under the guidance of the best doctors in this field. The clinical judgement given by the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore is based on the collective opinion of the specialist doctors in this department. For this, patient and his family can have greater dependence on the treatment procedure in the hospitals at Bangalore. Treatment under the best gastroenterologist in Bangalore means a perfect balance of cutting edge technology and personal care which heals a patient both from the body and mind.

What is the objective?

Gastroenterology is a comprehensive study of the digestive system which often needs surgical treatment for satisfactory outcome. The best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore caters to all possible surgical issues pertaining to your abdomen. She is heading the department of gastroenterology at one of the reputed medical colleges of Bangalore and serving as a senior consultant at a number of other hospitals.

The main objective of consulting the best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore is to ensure obtaining advanced surgical care under the guidance of a competent doctor of this area. One of the foremost things our hospital focuses on is minimizing the expenses of treatment and hospital stay of a patient without compromising on the quality of treatment. The strategies implemented by the best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore are directed towards a holistic remedial achievement of the patients that are in compliance with the moral and professional codes of conduct.

What are the services provided?

The hospitals of Bangalore offer an extensive range of service in cases of open and laparoscopic surgeries. The department of gastroenterology is conducted by a team of experienced and proficient surgeons who are dedicated to providing best possible healthcare to every patient who is admitted to their hospital. Patients across the country look for the best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore for the following health conditions:

  • Tuberculosis of the digestive tract and abdomen
  • Chronic pancreatitis
  • Cancers of any part of the digestive system
  • Gall stone and stone in the pancreas
  • Corrosive injury of the digestive tract

The best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore ensures you of getting the best possible healthcare with the active participation of paramedical staff, accomplished gastro surgeons, technicians and nurses.

Let us have a look on the key areas of focus of the best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore:

  • Biliary surgery- Patients suffering from injury of the biliary tract after a gallstone operation seek medical treatment from the best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore for successful treatment of this complex problem. She also has many years of experience in the treatment of the choledochal cyst through surgical procedure.
  • Bariatric surgery- Gaining of excess weight is now a prevailing health issue for many of us. This problem often becomes so stubborn that the only feasible option of treatment is through laparoscopic surgery. The best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore aims at accommodating the intestine of the patient for taking in small quantities of food.
  • Gastrointestinal oncology- In cases of cancers of the different sections of the digestive tract or the digestive organs, patients and their families opt for the best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore who has expertise in undertaking complicated surgical programs like hepatectomy, mesorectal incision and others.
  • Surgery in the digestive tract- Often patients complain about problems in the upper part of their digestive tract. If the problem is not controlled with medicine, doctors recommend surgical treatment for complete cure. However, for problems in the colon, rectum, esophagus, fistula and other parts of the digestive system, patients prefer seeking medical help to the best surgical gastroenterologist in Bangalore.

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